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Welcome ...

to the web pages of the IWRM MoMo project (Integrated Water Resources Management in Central Asia: Model Region Mongolia). This web site provides information on the backgrounds and objectives of the project and allows you to get in touch with the people and institutions behind the project.

The IWRM MoMo project ...

is funded by the German Federal Ministery of Education and Research (BMBF) and supervised and supported by the Project Management Jülich (PTJ) in the framework of the "Research for Sustainable Development" (FONA) program. The project started in 2006 and is presumably running until 2018. The key objective of the project is the development and implementation of strategies leading towards an integrated water resources management (IWRM) for a Mongolian model region characterized by a water scarce environment and highly dynamic and competetive uses. The model region in focus is the Kharaa river basin located in the north-east of Mongolia.

The third phase of the project (2015-2018) ...

is building on results of two previous project phases. The currently ongoing third phase aims at implementing scientific and technological project results with a focus on knowledge transfer and capacity development.

The inter- and transdisciplinary approach ...

is reflected by the project's structure: Its three thematic modules work towards the development of a river basin management plan for the Kharaa river (TM1), the implementation of a comprehensive environmental monitoring netword (TM2) and the multiplication of promising water technologies (TM3). One cross-sectional module focuses on knowledge transfer and capacity development (CM1). The project is carried out in close cooperation with Mongolian partners in science, administration, the business sector and the general public.

The scientific outcome ...

is huge and comprises to date 51 peer reviewed papers in international scientific journals, 47 other papers, five books, 15 book chapters, 11 Bachelor theses, 20 Master theses and 7 finished PhD theses. Have a look to our publication list, please.

Several films ...

were produced to document the results of the IWRM MoMo project. You can find all films by following this link:
| Publications & Films |

| MoMo By the River |