IWRM MoMo wrap-up and relay conference

The extensive results and diverse experiences of the research project “Integrated Water Resources Management in Central Asia – Model Region Mongolia” (MoMo) funded by the Germany Ministry of Education and Science (BMBF) since 2005 are taken as starting point for an in-depth exchange on the pressing water problems in Central Asia and the prospects for integrated, sustainable management solutions for securing the water resources in the region.

The IWRM MoMo Wrap-up and Relay Conference will cover the whole range of topics and results of the 12 years funding period and will connect the “lessons learnt” with the future water management agenda in the field of IWRM and with regard to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals under the UN Agenda 2030. The conference aims to elaborate the follow-up agenda including the further implementation of results in Mongolia and the dissemination of technologies and know-how in Central Asia.

Industry partners, water professionals, water managers, researchers and students in the field of water management and research are kindly in-vited to complement the IWRM MoMo results and achievements with presentations of their latest studies and products and discuss on the future of IWRM in Mongolia and in Central Asia in a series of topical workshops. Our sponsor German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) will participate with a delegation.

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