IWRM MoMo wrap-up and relay conference
Conference topics

Water experts, administrators, politicians, practitioners, researchers and students are welcome to contribute to the IWRM MoMo Wrap-up and Relay Conference. The Conference will address the following topics and shared questions:

1) What are the current present challenges in water research and management in Mongolia and Central Asia? What has been achieved by MoMo project and colleagues from other projects to meet these challenges? What is the state-of-the-art knowledge and what are the gaps?

2) What are the future challenges to achieve water security for humans and nature? How can we proceed towards a sustainable water use? How to further strengthen IWRM with the background of national legislations and the UN-2030 Agenda? What are the needs to further strengthen water research, management and capacity building in future?


The “MoMo topics”. A wordle extracting the titles of the last 5 years of MoMo’s scientific publications.

We kindly ask you to submit oral contributions and posters on the wide range of water related topics addressed by the conference topics. The workshop sessions will be assigned accordingly in order to fully integrate all submissions and foster an interactive event with an optimum share of information exchange and developing future activities.

Organizers will provide place and time for open discussions on future strategies. At the same time we ask you to present experiences, research, ideas and answers from your projects. This holds for theoretical as well as practical solutions.

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