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Complete publication list of MoMo Project

Karthe, D. (ed) (updated 13.12.2018):
MoMo Publications DEC 2018
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Books, broschures and materials for the IWRM MoMo Wrap-up and Relay Conference in May 2018 in Ulaanbaatar for Download

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|Download Instruction for Poster and Talk |
|Download MoMo Project profile . English version (PDF) [24 MB] |
|Download MoMo Project profile . MONGOLIAN version (PDF) [24 MB]|
|Download MoMo IWRM Policy Briefs (eng/mog.) (PDF) |
|Download KYRB Atlas(eng/mog.) (PDF) [205MB!] |
|Download updated version KYRB Atlas 2017/18(eng/mog.) (PDF) [206MB!] |

PhD thesis for Download

Andrew Kaus (2018):
Ecological assessment of salmonid populations in a country undergoing rapid environmental and socioeconomic transitions (Mongolia)(PhD thesis Technical University of Dresden, Germany)
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Reports, Leaflets and Fact Sheets for Download

Ilian, J. & Scharaw, B. (2012):
MoMo Fact Sheet – Decentralized Waste Water Management: Experiences from Pilot Operation in Orkhon Sum
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Ibisch R, Hofmann J, Scharaw B, Karthe D, Borchardt D, Avlyush S (2016):
MoMo Report – Synthesis Report on Water Quality in Kharaa Basin
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Karthe, D. and Borchardt, D. (Eds.) (2012):
Integrated Water Resources Management: Model Region Mongolia. Project Profile
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MoMo Consortium (2009):
MoMo – IWRM in Central Asia - Model Region Mongolia (MoMo): Case Study in the Kharaa River Basin. Final Project Report
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MoMo Consortium (2018):
MoMo-Policy briefs Version May 2018
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Stäudel, J.: Seyfarth, R. & Londong, J. (2012):
MoMo Fact Sheet iPiT® - integrated Personal innovative Toilet.
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Sullivan, C. & van Afferden, M. (2012):
MoMo Fact Sheet Waste Water Treatment Plant with Integrated Wood Production.
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Wesenfeld H.& B. Scharaw, B. (2012):
MoMo Fact Sheet – SBR pilot plant on the central waste water treatment plant in Darkhan City
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